My last article was published at the end of September and it was about Lady Gaga – too, so it’s been a long time. I was being lazy just at the thought of finding a topic to write about, not to mention the social media promotion stuff. So here I am, trying to write again.

Did I hate Lady Gaga?

Did I? My friends will say “nope, that can’t be true”, but my close ones – well, they already know the story. It all began when I was eleven or twelve years old and I just started to discover her and her work – The Fame. It didn’t take me too much to know every word in her lyrics and, after a few more month – with some help from YouTube – I was killing her choreographies (especially the one from Poker Face). I still know some of them or at least small parts.

But why?

A school party. All of us had to bring some music and – without any doubts – I brought her album, The Fame. It turned out to be a bad idea. I started to dance and they started to laugh. I stopped, but they didn’t. I was a faggot for them. I had too much courage and I had to accept the consequences – hey, fag.

And then?

Well, I got home and tried to erase, to delete, to shut down every part of me that was amazed by Lady Gaga, by her personality and her sense of art. Two whole years I told myself I hate her and that she’s just screaming for attention and fame. She came with the Born This Way Tour in my country too, but I just ignored the fact that maybe that’s the first and last time when I’ve got the chance to see her performing live.

After “I hate her” period

The time passed, I grew up and she released a new album – ARTPOP. The lead single, Applause (in its sixth week reached sales of 1 million copies), made me want to know more about what she did in those two years – she won five Grammys. I started to listen to her songs again and to remove the fake Aura around me. I realized and accepted the real me. Swine made me to not give a f**k too often.


I don’t think there’s someone out there that can challenge my title of Little Monster. I love her very much and I don’t know how can I thank her for helping me so much to be stronger and more confident. I can’t wait to see her live in Copenhagen on February, 17th.

What about the title?

I can’t say I hated her because I didn’t. I was just lying to myself and I’m not proud of it.

Oh, don’t forget to share this. I wonder if I had a chance to make her read this. Also, don’t forget to check my latest article her documentary.

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xoxo, Alex

(’cause this is Joanne era)

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